Peeps For Hire 3

Check out these qualified professionals that are ready for new opportunities. We have included a quick description of what they are looking for and link to connect with them. If you would like to be listed here, send me a message or connect with me on LinkedIn and we will get you added.

Rahul Ayar

📌 I’m looking for remote web designer job… please have a look at to my portfolio website

🔗 Connect on LinkedIn – added 7/24/20

Maxina Munkombwe

📌 I am a Diagnostic Radiographer with a Bachelors Degree. I am from Zambia. I have a broad background with different radiological modalities, I am sensitive to patient needs and possess excellent team building and problem solving skills. I am looking for a job, where my skills and knowledge will not only be utilized but will provide a suitable environment for professional development. I am open to work in any location in Africa, Europe or North America.

🔗 Connect on LinkedIn – added 7/21/20

Matshediso Monini

📌 I am actively looking for a job. I have 2-3 years experience in the financial services industry more especially in sales, para planning and compliance. I am not too picky, as long as text job is relevant to my experience and qualifications then I am good to go.

🔗 Connect on LinkedIn – added 7/21/20

Rogers Acheru

📌 I am a legal consultant in Nigeria and have a background in Commercial contracts review and drafting, corporate and regulatory Compliance and Debt recovery for firms. I am interested in a position as a remote legal assistant/researcher, contract review/ drafting officer, regulatory/corporate Compliance officer within any organization. I am a fast learner, a team player and a goal getter and I would love to have a job that challenges and exposes me to do my best.

🔗 Connect on LinkedIn – added 7/21/20

Aurelian Gavrila

📌 I am looking for short-term or ling-term projects, remote iOS positions, being open to learn other technologies as Flutter or React Natice (already have some littele exp). I can work as a contractor or freelancer, and my hourly rate is 35 euro / h.

🔗 Connect on LinkedIn – added 7/21/20

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