How to turn your weaknesses into your strengths?

February 25, 2020 Careers

by Julia Valentina Ojeda

As I have been growing older and after experiencing leukemia 2 times and the challenges that come attached from being a cancer survivor, there was a point when I had to learn how to turn my fears and weaknesses into my main strengths.

Let’s face it, we can’t be good at everything but we can work to play in our favor the things that we know the most, no matter if those are the ones that we fear or are ashamed about our selves.

You can call those weaknesses, opportunity areas, challenges or failures. We know that we are experts in those as sometimes thinking about it can take even more time and space from our minds than the good things might.

And how can you change turn those challenges into our strengths?

There are only 3 steps that will drive to succeed in this process.

1) IDENTIFY it! You can’t turn a fear or a weakness into a strength if you’re busy denying that it exists.

I used to be afraid of talking about my cancer experience but since I have been doing it amazing things have happened. I have more gain awareness about my mind, my body, my feelings and have started to identify and practice the habits and tools that support my self-knowledge.

Recognize that you have a fear or a weakness and accept it This is the first and most important step.

2) START TALKING about it and get some GUIDANCE from someone you trust.

You will see that you’re not alone in this and when we say things aloud and put those out of your mind, that has a releasing effect in your mind and body, and it gives you power over those.

Talking is cathartic and you don’t have to be ashamed on doing it and asking for support. There is so much bravery on doing this and self-growth on doing this.

For me, receiving guidance and getting it from someone smarter or that is ahead in this process worked wonders. So go and find that someone!

3) PREPARE yourself, see how you can do or handle it better next time.

Get good enough, do the work that you need to do to improve, be constant and no matter if you fail once, again, commit to it and there you have it, you have succeed it now.

What in the past used to be a weakness or you used to be afraid of, now it’s something that now you have mastered to manage.

In my case my health is my vulnerability! How can I make it better? How can I start enabling mind and body to heal? Healthy food, exercise, meditation, yoga, journaling, awareness…
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And if you feel that you want to go the extra mile!

4 ) Look for ways to SERVE OTHERS with the same problem.

The reason why I am sharing my cancer story, enjoying supporting and coaching anyone that relates or is facing a life challenge, is looking forward to becoming more conscious and healthier and is ready to become a better self.

As I have experienced the benefits of many and different tools and techniques to heal the mind and body, I am fully diving into getting the knowledge to continue sharing it with you and others.


Julia Valentina

⁣And before saying goodbye, I want to inspire you to do a good action.

Help me to support kids and teens fighting cancer in my home country Venezuela. Already 3 of them have received the magic!

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Julia Valentina Ojeda
Business Developer ǀ Swing Trader | 2-Time Cancer Survivor | Challenge Accepted Mentality | Wellness Wanderer

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