Conferences are a great way to learn from your peers, industry leaders and brands. How to make the most of your conference experience.

December 22, 2019 Careers

Conferences are a great way to learn from your peers, industry leaders and brands. They are also a great way to make new connections and to network and to bring awareness to your brand.

You have researched the conference you want to attend and have booked it. Now what?

I wanted to pull out a few items to help your next conference you attend be a success.

Before the conference
πŸ‘‰ Set goals for the conference
πŸ‘‰ Set your agenda and schedule
πŸ‘‰ See who is attending and reach out to those you want to meet
πŸ‘‰ Twitter Chats are a great way to break the ice & to meet peeps beforehand.
πŸ‘‰ Follow the conference hashtag
πŸ‘‰ For those you want to meet, set a time and reason for meeting
πŸ‘‰ This is also a great time to take those social connections to IRL
πŸ‘‰ Important to have an updated profile pic on your social media accounts so that went you are at a conference, people can recognize you.

During the conference.
πŸ‘‰ Introduce yourself to others, don’t assume they remember you from social etc.
πŸ‘‰ Talk to the speakers
πŸ‘‰ Take advantage of the breaks to check email, eat, drink water etc – make sure you have some β€œyou” time
πŸ‘‰ Turn on your @LinkedIn Find Nearby Feature.
πŸ‘‰ If you go with a group from work, make sure to sit at other tables and engage with others – carve out time to network solo
πŸ‘‰ Attend social events
πŸ‘‰ No business cards – just use your phone – take a picture of peeps holding their badge.
πŸ‘‰ Pick the brands you want to engage with and approach them with questions
πŸ‘‰ Take plenty of notes – use Evernote on your phone
πŸ‘‰ Write down action items after each session
πŸ‘‰ Take some selfies with your connections – always fun to have and to share out later. Great way to follow up on social
πŸ‘‰ Have fun and be yourself

After the conference
πŸ‘‰ Share your notes with your team when you get home
πŸ‘‰ Follow up with those you connected with

It is up to you to make any conference or event a success for yourself – make the most of your time and opportunity.

About the Author – Bernie Fussenegger

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