Every job search is different and the needs of each person searching is different…

BUT…With LinkedIn, YOU can do a lot for yourself and your job search.

The importance of resume personalization for your job search

Resume personalization increases your chances of getting past the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and getting that interview. That means your resume needs to be personalized

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The B2The7 Career Corner LiveStream with special guest Kurtis Tompkins

We discussed a new job seekers resources that Kurtis rolled out this week - Student Resume Writing Academy. With the sole purpose of training job seekers on how to write a res

Mistakes Will Happen...

Let’s talk about mistakes in a professional work setting and what happens when you make a mistake in the workplace because they will happen.

Lessons to learn from Tom Brady

Like him or not, there is a lesson.People said he was too old, too slow, he doesn’t fit into the system and why did he

Today’s Message - Planning for the week ahead!

As we get the week started, let’s get organized and create a job search check list to reference.What is on this list?

The B2The7 Career Corner LiveStream with special guest Kurtis Tompkins

The last year has been a tough one for many job seekers and many people are currently without a job or are looking.Our gu

Today’s Message - Action items to network and building a job search plan

As we head into the weekend, wanted to leave all the job seekers that are just starting with some action items that also apply to everyday.

Today’s Message - Stay focused and positive!

Stay positive and a good approach is “Your job is just not quite ready for you yet”!We can support you in your search

Stand Out From The Crowd - Your Resume

Your resume is often the first impression a employer has of you. It has the power to open doors for you - and if done correctly it will help you stand out.

Tell your story!

Your story is unique to you…only you have lived your story…don't be afraid to tell and share it.It will have ups and