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Dressing for Success - Preparing for a Virtual Interview

We are in a virtual world with Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams calls, Google Meet and so on.The question that I have received

Message to Recruiters & Hiring Managers from Job Seekers

Some of the frustrations many job seekers are experiencing when they apply for a job is they may get rejected and then ask for feedback and hear crickets or are ghosted.

Your Job Search & LinkedIn Profile

With so many searching for new jobs, I want to share the elements that will help others. Today, I want to share the elements of a good LinkedIn profile.

The latest B2The7 Quick Bits - Elements of a Job Search Plan

As I go through my job search, I want to share the elements that I’m finding helpful. Today, I want to talk about the importance of a job search plan.

B2The7 Quick Bits - Tips For Your Job Search

This past year has been very difficult for so many people. Trying to find work in normal times is stressful, even more now during COVID.

5 Tips to Help in Your Job Search

by Bernie FusseneggerAs I have begun my job search, here are 5 tips that will help you get started in YOUR job search.

7 Ways to Keeping Employees Happy

by Bernie FusseneggerLast week, I outlined 6 ways to rewarding and keeping your employees, direct reports or anyone that

A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee = Happy Customers!

by Bernie FusseneggerRewarding and keeping your employees, direct reports or anyone that you work with happy should be a