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Every job search is different and the needs of each person searching is different…

BUT…With LinkedIn, YOU can do a lot for yourself and your job search.

The importance of resume personalization for your job search

Resume personalization increases your chances of getting past the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and getting that interview. That means your resume needs to be personalized

What Is an Ideal Work Week? Poll results

An Ideal Work Week is your version of the way you'd love to spend your time week while still being productive.I ran a pol

How Long Should Your Resume Be? Poll results

I ran a poll on LinkedIn around how long a resume should be.52% of respondents replied that a typical resume should be on

Dealing with a Seagull Manager

We have all been there, the project is moving along fine, everyone is on the same page and then all of the sudden one team member (usually someone from higher up) comes into t

Stand-Out with a Personalized Resume

To help boost your chances of being seen by recruiters and hiring managers, it is important to personalize your resume and cover letter for each position.

The B2The7 Job Seeker Spotlight

The last year has been a tough one for many job seekers and many people are currently without a job or are looking.We hav

Boss vs. Leader – Which One Are You?

Really think about, your actions will let you know which you are.A BOSS…takes credit, commands tasks, generates fear, s