A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee = Happy Customers!

July 15, 2020 Leadership

by Bernie Fussenegger

Rewarding and keeping your employees, direct reports or anyone that you work with happy should be a priority for yourself or your leadership teams. It doesn’t matter what you build, what you sell or even provide to customers, you can’t do it without the people that work for you.

We all strive for that harmony that keeps the company moving forward – sometimes it is the little things outside of bonuses, perks and paid days off that will make a difference for your teams.

Money doesn’t always buy happiness, put showing appreciation, recognition and respect can speak volumes and be just want someone needs.

There are many things you can do to reward your employees without hurting the bottom line, start with some of the ideas below.

Cut Back on Meetings

The countless number of meetings that team members are in on a daily basis is almost staggering – not sure how people are able to get stuff done. Take a team meeting and cut it down to a 10 minute standing meeting and give time back to your team members so they can focus on what they need to be doing to drive the business.

Keep Them Informed

The sharing of information and the passing of information down is important in helping your employees know what is going on with the business – it will also help them make decisions based on the information that is passed down. Nobody likes to work in the blind and your team is no different.

Ask For Their Input

When you ask your team for their input, they are more likely to accept a business decision more readily than if they were not ask their thoughts or opinions. This will also give you insight from other team members that have a different perspective that you do.

Build Ownership

Let your team members build ownership with their positions, their decisions and the projects they are working on. Once they begin thinking like an owner, they will make better decisions for the benefit of the business.

Empower Your Employees to Make Decisions

Empower your employees to make decisions – you hired these talented individuals for a reason, now let them do their jobs and make the decisions that are necessary.

Create a Career Path

Noting worse that being in a job that is a dead-end. Create a career path for each team member so that they have something to work towards. When they have reached the next level, reward them with a promotion or raise. Growth in a department means a lot in the end.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your employees! A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee = Happy Customers!

About the Author – Bernie Fussenegger

Proven digital marketing leader with over 27 years of background experience in QSR and healthcare that includes engaging the customers with digital experiences within CRM, eCRM, Social, Mobile, Web Content and Performance Marketing. Success with managing in a fast-paced environment and delivering strategic solutions for both the customer and franchise organization.

Solo with B2The7 – Working with small businesses on how they can target and engage their customers with digital and social solutions from real, practical experience that I have gained over the last 27 years.

Founder of Careerbarn.com which brings jobseekers and employers together. Employers can post their positions for free and jobseekers can take advantage of our listings, resume services and career coaching to find the right position for them.

Host of #Digital360Chat on Twitter – covers topics around digital, marketing and the customer. The chat takes place on Twitter every Friday at 12pm ET.

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